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Anthony Dirany

Meet Anthony Dirany, Kitchen Commis (junior chef) at Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand Hotel

The Story

Anthony Dirany joined Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand Hotel in January 2018 as a Kitchen Commis (junior chef) and has proven himself as a valuable Team Member.

Since birth, Anthony has had Presbycusis, a form of gradual hearing loss caused by natural ageing. As a result, he wears hearing aids, which allow him to hear; however it remains challenging for him to speak loudly. Undeterred by this, he has overcome these challenges to achieve his goal of becoming a chef.

Before joining Hilton, Anthony studied Hotel Management in Dekwaneh, and obtained a Baccalaureate Degree in 2011. During his time with Hilton, he has continued learning, achieving an outstanding score on the Food Safety 2 test.

With his commitment to delivering and achieving since beginning his career, Anthony has received countless praise and has earned the respect of his colleagues. When asked about Anthony, his colleagues hailed him as a 'great addition to the team' and shared their admiration for his love of the job. As well as inspiring those around him with his focus on meeting deliverables, he also embodies the teamwork spirit of Hilton, supporting other areas such as the Pastry Kitchen.

Anthony has been deemed a 'blessing' by his management team, and has shown himself to be a true team player. He is an exceptional example of the value of diversity and inclusion at Hilton and has become a real inspiration to his team

Beyond Anthony's well-deserved recognition, he continues to always bring the light and warmth of hospitality to his colleagues and guests alike!