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Hany Abaza

Meet Hany Abaza, chef at Hilton Ramses

The Story

When Chef Hany Abaza started his career at Hilton Ramses in 2007, he did not know it would change his life and the lives of his Team Members.

Chef Hany is know for his great sense of humor. He enjoys cracking jokes with the team and brightening moods when the kitchen gets busy. What you may not know about Chef Hany is that he is hearing impaired and can’t verbally communicate. So, he interacts with his team using sign language. The entire team has been able to learn how to sign language so that they can interact with Chef Hany. Embracing sign language has helped to bring the team closer together.

Chef Hany’s work ethic and Hilton Values have earned him a silver medal for best bakery show in a competition at the HACE exhibition, Egypt’s leading market forum for the hotel, food and beverage industries. Chef Hany was also recognized by the hotel with a Best Kitchen Performance Award.

Thank you Chef Hany for all that you do to make Hilton a great place to work!