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John Rudolph

Meet John Rudolph, Executive Chef at Hilton Cleveland.

The Story

In collaboration with his team, John developed an environmentally friendly "Blended Burger" recipe, made of 39 percent mushroom, 61 percent beef. Its purpose is eye-opening. The Blended Burger is a tasty innovative product, which, at scale, can contribute to reducing 10.5 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. That's equivalent to the entire country of San Diego going carless! 

John's ingredients include Maitake, Shiitaki, and Oyster mushrooms blended together with premium Angus beef to create a mouthwatering patty. So far the feedback has been phenomenal and customers are surprised when they hear about the secret mushroom ingredient. John and his team are striving to change people's perspective. Promoting it as a healthy and sustainable dish quickly leads people to believe there is no taste. Instead, John hones in on the world-class flavor.  

We are taking action at Hilton to encourage more of our chefs to create their own Blended Burger. In collaboration with the Better Buying Lab, an innovation hub with other leading culinary companies, we are working to reimagine the iconic burger to be healthier for guests, and more sustainable for the planet.  

Hilton is proud of Chef John Rudolph's innovative efforts to align his kitchen with our newly minted 2030 goals to cut our environmental impact in half. If you and your team is interested in getting involved, check out our 10 Days of Burger campaign to see what's in store!