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Nick Li

Meet Nick Li, Manager of Safety and Security at Hilton Chengdu

The Story

Manager, Safety and Security at Hilton Chengdu, Nick Li, is the latest Team Member star of our Room 702 series. He has worked at the Hilton Chengdu for many years, and truly dedicated himself to keeping fellow Team Members and guests safe at all costs.

But that’s not all—in addition to his full-time security job at Hilton, Nick frequently volunteers with his community and helps children in need. This passion was sparked from his childhood, when his sister was sent away at a very young age to work and unable to receive a proper education. And his dedication to the important issue is why he was chosen for the latest Room 702 video. Keep reading below to hear even more from Nick; he shares how this experience has helped fuel his career with Hilton and inspire his future—continuing to give back to his family, community, guests and beyond.

Nick, when you were brought up to room 702 and read the letter where Hilton promised to create six classrooms and name them after you and your sister, tell us how you were feeling?

I felt so proud to be part of the Hilton family! While working to create an educational program and doing charitable acts, I was never alone. I still remember my journey to the impoverished mountain area where the road condition was not only difficult but also dangerous. I’m so glad that I did this as a team - I could have never finished it on my own. Regarding the program, being able to change another person’s life for the better kept me going. I’ll never forget the picture of a 6-year-old girl who needed to take care of both her 2-year-old little brother and her grandmother and feed chickens. She did so much more than a 6-year-old girl should, but she can’t go to school. Fortunately, through our efforts, we persuaded her parents to send her to school. The support from Hilton will provide us with fulfillment to expand and grow.

What are your plans for the classrooms? What do you hope the students will learn from this experience and the value of not only education but giving back and serving others?

We have a “five-year plan”. Firstly, we would establish the facilities and then take time to build the software. Six multimedia classrooms will be completed in next two years. We believe multimedia classrooms are windows opening to the outside world.

Are there any fun facts you’d like to share with fellow Team Members?

Through the organization, we’ve created many “firsts” for children in poverty in Liangshan. For example, we brought food ingredients and kitchen facilities to 600km away for 300 kids. During a special lunch, they had hamburgers and hot dogs for the first time in their life!

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