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Nicole Bergstrom

Meet Nicole Bergstrom, Hilton's Director of Digital Accessibility

The Story

As part of Hilton’s technology team driving guest enhancements, Director of Digital Accessibility Nicole Bergstrom is responsible for ensuring digital content is accessible for all individuals, including people with disabilities.

“I believe that a disability really means differently abled. A disability does not and should not define the person,” said Nicole. She has two analysts on her team who are visually impaired and believes they have made a huge positive impact in demonstrating the importance of digital accessibility.

Before one of her analysts joined the corporate office in Memphis, Nicole knew it would be the first time many Team Members met someone with a guide dog, so she had her team craft etiquette guides. “We pulled in one of our copywriters to help inject a little fun and humor into our guides, such as containing your joy around a guide dog. Giving folks the tools [etiquette guides] to comfortably interact was a huge success,” Nicole said.

Additionally, Nicole organized Hilton’s first celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day in May 2018, and orchestrated numerous awareness building activities at the Dallas, Memphis and Glasgow offices with the help of her team. Team Members could stop by “stations” to watch videos on topics related to accessibility, explore assistive technologies such as braille keyboards or mouth sticks, and check out glasses that simulate different vision impairments. Participants were asked to change their monitor resolution to a high contrast setting to experience how a user with vision difficulties might configure their workstation. They were also asked to turn off their monitor completely and to then navigate one of Hilton’s websites with a screen reader. It was a great day of learning and understanding.

Nicole embodies Hilton’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and works daily to help make the company a great workplace for all.