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Willy Shao

Hilton Wenchang

The Story

Meet Willy Shao, a lifeguard at the Hilton Wenchang in China. Willy, a new addition to the hotel team in July, has already proven his attentiveness to guests and determination to take on any challenge.

Recently, when a guest lost her watch - an anniversary gift from her husband - in the pool, Willy immediately came to the rescue. He noticed the woman seemed anxious and distraught, so he quickly questioned what was wrong. The two searched for the watch and once they caught glimpse of its sparkle at the bottom, Willy didn't hesitate to jump into the pool to retrieve it.

The guest was incredibly grateful, inviting Willy to enjoy a meal on her and her husband, which he politely declined. Upon her arrival back home, the guest wrote a thank you email to the hotel, sharing her gratitude for all of the hotel Team Members' professionalism and enthusiasm during their stay, specifically expressing her gratitude for Willy's actions that day.

Thank you, Willy, for "diving deep" to spread the light and warmth of hospitality and ensuring our guests are taken care of!