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New Index Finds That Majority of Youth Worldwide Face Challenges to Health, Happiness & Prosperity

Today the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and International Youth Foundation (IYF), with support from Hilton Worldwide, released a groundbreaking tool, The Global Youth Wellbeing Index, that examines the quality of life for youth in 30 countries. The Index assesses youth wellbeing across six interconnected areas: citizen participation, economic opportunity, education, health, information & communications technology and safety and security.

US News: Global Report Highlights Challenges Facing Youths

A large majority of the world's youth live in countries with lower levels of well-being, which were evaluated by education, health, economic opportunity and safety measures, according to a report published Thursday.

CNN World: How to help the world's youth

Brimming with talent and ideas, today’s youth – the largest and most connected generation in human history – are creating a new global reality, and charting an unprecedented course for themselves and their communities. They are defending democracy, promoting peace, and with an enterprising spirit, desperately wanting the opportunity to work hard, build a sustainable livelihood and live up to their potential.

Hilton Worldwide Pledges to ‘Open Doors’ for One Million Young People by 2019

Today at the 2014 World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, Hilton Worldwide announced a global commitment that aims to impact at least one million young people by 2019 by helping them to reach their full potential.

Facilitating a Youth Jobs Revolution - Part 2

Against a global backdrop of extremely high youth unemployment and with hundreds of millions of youth in unpaid or poorly paid and unproductive work, there is a growing call for a “jobs revolution.” In Part 1 of this series, the JKP’s David Robalino and Mattias Lundberg described a new global collaborative effort – which includes the private sector – to find effective, sustainable solutions for young people.

Getting Youth in the Door: Defining Soft Skills Requirements for Entry-level Service Sector Jobs

Educators and employers agree that there is a growing gap between the skills that companies expect from their entrylevel employees and the skills that these young people possess. This skills gap is widely documented. In September 2012, the Training Journal noted that, “More needs to be done to educate young people about the skills employers are looking for, and this needs to be a joint effort amongst key stakeholders from across education, business, and the government.”

South Africa: Hilton Launches SA Youth Training Plan

Hilton Worldwide has launched a training programme to help create sustainable careers in the industry for young South Africans, as part of its global Youth in Hospitality initiative.